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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Autographed eBooks

Times are changing, and with it, technology. Readers and fans of authors could get their books signed by the author, and have been able to for many, many years. Until the introduction of the eBook. Since this monumental invention, more eBooks have been sold than print books in some bookstore's cases. But...what does this mean to the fan, and the reader, who has a Kindle, or a Nook, or an iPad?

In some cases, readers had their favorite author sign the back of their kindle, or autograph their iPad case. But, as I said before, technology is changing. And in such a way that readers can still get their eBooks signed. Yes, really.

A program called Autography, and other apps similar to it, now allow the author to sign eBooks for authors, just as they would sign a print book. Readers can now have a shelf of their autographed books, just like they would on their print bookshelf!

This is how the autograph appears on my iPad's iBookstore:

Pretty fancy, right? I think it's pretty neat. If you think the same, comment with your email address, and a name to sign to, (the one above is signed to my name) and I will send an eBook your way.

eBooks are $3.99, but the signature can be accessed for free. You can share the signature with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. To access the signature, you will receive an email with a subject like, "Oliver Dahl has sent you an autographed copy of The Dreamers". Open this email, and follow the link to Autography's website. At the top of the landing page is a link that says "Preview Signature". From there, you will be taken to another page that shows the signature I sent you. You should then be able to right click on the image and, "Save As", or share directly to Facebook and/or Twitter.

I will try to get the signature back to you within one to two weeks, although I can usually send it within the first week.

Thank you, Dreamers of the world! I hope you enjoy this amazing new feature for The Dreamers as much as I am!

Dream on!
Sam Kullen
Oliver Dahl

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