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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Nightmarers Preview 1

Hey, there, everybody! It's been a while, but I'm going to start being a little more frequent with my posts. It's almost a New Year, so, I figured I would start it off right. (Or end 2012 right, either way!)

Exciting news! I just finished the final reading of The Nightmarers, and have sent it off to a copy editor! (Thanks to Amberly Beck for offering her services!) I really like the way it turned out, and hope you will, too!

For those who don't know, The Nightmarers is the sequel to my first published book, The Dreamers. I wrote it in 2010 for NaNoWriMo, and published it August 2011 at the age of 13. I will release The Nightmarers out to you guys in January or February. Look for it!

Of course, until then, I want to start something really EXCITING, and give you bits and pieces of The Nightmarers to hold you over until the whole thing is released. I'll start by giving you guys Chapter 1.

But first... I think we'll do a little giveaway/contest! How does that sound? Prizes will include an autographed/personalized paperback edition of The Dreamers, and several free Autographed/personalized eBooks! (See my post on Autographed eBooks). Let's get started! Below is the Rafflecopter giveaway. Complete small requests to be entered multiple times for a greater chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I wish you all the best of luck! I will contact the winners via email and ask for any additional information, if necessary, to send/sign the books, and they will be on the way! Please note that I'm not responsible for items not received on the winner's end. I will send them, but again, I'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong after that. Just don't sue me, okay? :)
Now, on with the real goodness of this post! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... I present to you... The Nightmarers!

* * *
Hurry. There is time, but heaven knows there's never enough. I decided I had to risk thispublication, in the chance that it might fall into thecorrect hands. If you're reading this, I eithersucceeded—or failed.

I, well...we, need your help.

What's that? “We?” Oh, yeah, I guess Ishould fill you in. (That might be a good idea!)

After the battle with Malfix, my stay in thehospital, and the subsequent publication of “TheDreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen,” I started tofind them. Slowly at first, then a few at a time.

Kris and Andromeda—twins. Then Sandi,Michael, Katie, Dean, Kyle, and Khasta, each fromdifferent parts of the globe. Each with a uniquetalent or ability. Slowly but surely, we re-established the Dreamers, our little cult of dream-inhabiting, creating, artistic teenagers. We werethe generation of tomorrow—the future of today. The ensurers that the sun rose the next dawn! After scrounging through the remains of Dreamers HQ, I found several important artifacts—if you can call them that.

First, a charred copy of The Dreamers' Handbook. I retyped it as best I could and printed off several copies for the new group.

I also found a copy or two of the software CD’s the former Dreamers would use to control ormanipulate events in real time. Fortunately, someof the new Dreamers are more electronically inclined than I am, and the software is up andrunning-keeping the earth safe. (For the mostpart).

I also found the bodies of some of the former Dreamers, those who fought against Malfixand his army. I collected 37 Dreamer rings fromtheir skeletal remains. I kept my grandfather's ring for myself, and put the rest in a small safe.

If you haven't read The Dreamers yet, you probably ought to. All this would make a lot moresense if you did. Of course, if you're an enemy,please don't, but I guess it's too late, now. All the same, I will do my best to make sense, even to younew readers.

Anyway, because of our efforts, not only isthe world a safer place, but good things continue to happen. Advances in science, technology, andmedicine occur in no small part because of our work.

It is strange, being “awake” nearly 24/7. I am awake for school and normal life on earth, butas soon as I fall asleep, I’m back to the Dreamers'HQ, in charge of finding new members, trying to save somebody's back from a mugger on SecondStreet....

I lead two different lives. One, like yours—school, homework, little sister, and Saturdaychores. The other—finding and recruiting moreDreamers like me so I can in one sense or anotherkeep the world turning!

Those were the days. Everything was easy back then. Yes—easy. Well, at least, compared towhat I have now.

Sorry, sorry—you're right. I’m getting too far ahead of myself. I don't really know where tostart. So, I guess I just will.

Brace yourself and get ready. What we fear most could happen any time.

* * *
Hope you all enjoyed it! Look for another excerpt this time next week! Catch your interest? Buy The Nightmarers now on Amazon.com!

*Please note that, while this is in its final storyline form, it has not as of date been copy edited, so it is likely that there are grammatical mistakes. I know.

Dream on!

Oliver Dahl & Sam Kullen


Sarah Olson said...

100 duck sized horses. FTW

Unknown said...

Can't wait for The Nightmarers!

Ophelia - Marie Flowers said...

Thank you very much! :D

*Grins* I forgot that I had entered for this, and so spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out why I'd been sent your book. *Shakes head* I'm so forgetful.

I'm looking forward to reading
"The Dreamers"!


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