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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Dreamers is Finally Out!

The Dreamers
The symbolic burning letter "D" and the cover for The Dreamers...
That letter is just everywhere!

Hooray! The Dreamers is out! After hours of writing, hours of editing, and hours of revising, it has all payed off! The Dreamers began in November, and now, over 8 months later, it is complete! Now, finally, as a published author, I am unsure how to describe the feeling. It's sort of... unreal. It is amazing that now anybody in the entire world can read my book--read the words that I wrote, and (hopefully) enjoy them! Who knows... maybe years from now the day August 9th will go down in history as the day The Dreamers was published! I hope that you enjoy The Dreamers as much as I did! Any day now, I can go to a bookstore, and set up a book signing, or do stuff like that! It's a very rewarding feeling. As I have said before, being an author must be one of the most rewarding jobs out there, even if you don't earn much money--the feeling of knowing that someone out in the world has read your work is a very satisfying feeling.

Every member of my family has helped in some way to this book, (perhaps excluding 15-month-old sister) and so we made kind of a party out of publishing. As I am self-published, most everything I did was on computers. I didn't need to mail anything in, I just downloaded the file and followed the online instructions. This basically means I could publish by the push of a button! Pretty cool! We took a video of the final button-push. Here it is!

There we are! Hooray! It's out!!! I hope you all get a hold of and read it. I really hope you enjoy it! PLEASE tell me what you think by taking the poll on the bottom of the blog. I really would LOVE to hear from you. Feedback is always awesome to have!

The Dreamers is available:
-in some bookstores, and if yours doesn't carry it, PLEASE request it!
-in some bookfairs, mainly school bookfairs. If you are a student whose school does bookfairs, PLEASE request it, again!
-on Amazon.com,
-directly from my publisher, HERE.
-Barnes & Noble (.com)
-some academic and public libraries,
-and many other places as well. It is also available on some other online and offline retailers

List price is $9.99--Thanks SO much for reading and buying, and by all means--enjoy!!

Dream on!
Sam Kullen
Oliver Dahl

1 comment:

LindsayAnn said...

No, I'm so excited! I only have to be patient a little longer for it to be shipped here. You're so awesome Oliver!

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