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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What do You Dream by?

Hey everyone, Sam here. Sorry it's been a while since I've last posted. I've been pretty busy on The Dreamers, doing some final edits on it, working hard in the Dream Realm...and enjoying Summer Break! I can now spend much more time in the Dream Realm now that I don't have to get up so darn early.

Really sorry The Dreamers isn't out yet--editing has been quite extensive. If one thing is wrong, you could misunderstand it, and that wouldn't be good. It's best that the book is EXACTLY as it happened in real life.

Anyway, the thing that got ME into the Dream Realm was imagining, day dreaming, exaggerating, whatever you want to call it. Part of me getting into the Dream Realm could have also been my love art--drawing, doodling, all the stuff in art class. I also like to write. When I do, my writing brings me to places I've only barely seen. I can read back on them and remember what I saw in my mind then. You can see my love of writing in The Dreamers, when it comes out.

This post is asking YOU what YOU dream by. Does playing piano take you to another world? Or sitting on your bed, thinking? What about designing new buildings and machines? What takes YOU places? What got YOU into the Dream Realm, and how does it help--how does it take you places?

Thanks guys
Dream on!
Sam Kullen

Friday, June 3, 2011

Author Reading

Hey, I'm Oliver, the REAL author of The Dreamers. I'm intruding. Sorry for the interjection, Sam.  :)

Anyway, at my school today, I was chosen to read an excerpt of The Dreamers in front of my school. I read the introduction, which explains what the Dreamers are and how the group formed. The video's shown below. Check it out.

Congratulations! You've officially seen an author reading! What do you think? I LOVE to have feedback, especially from my readers. And now that you've seen this... you are one!

For you who are curious about the REAL author of The Dreamers, this is for you. I am thirteen years old, and am going into the eighth grade this school year. I live in Idaho and am the oldest of five children. I am a rewarded musician, engineer, and, of course, writer. I wrote this book for NaNoWriMo. What's this? Check it out! Google it. I self-published it after a LOT of editing, re-writing, and revising. The rest is history.

Today I hope to become an accomplished author through writing. I have many, MANY, ideas for future books, and feel as if The Dreamers is only the top of the iceberg, as they say.

Again, The Dreamers comes out this Summer, and I am looking forward to having it out. I hope you're as excited as I am to have it! Thanks SO much!

Dream on!
Oliver Dahl
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