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Monday, August 11, 2014

3 Years

August 9th, 2011 was the day I self-published my first book, "The Dreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen." I was thirteen years old. The moment I clicked that "publish" button that afternoon, my life changed forever. And now it's been three years.

I'm sixteen now, (and I mean, that's not the only difference between now and then, haha) and I have since published two other books. It's been such an incredible journey since the push of that button.

A number of thousands of copies of "The Dreamers" and my other books occupy eReaders and bookshelves all around the world--just this last week spreading to countries like Israel and Brazil. It's difficult for me to fathom how incredible that is. The fact that something I wrote has made its way into such diverse corners of the globe as these is mind-blowing. To think that the words I've so often worked over now appear and change peoples' lives around the world is such a special feeling.

I've had so many special experiences. Whether its meeting kids in book signings, reading positive reviews, teaching about what I do, or networking with some of my favorite authors of all time, each experience has inspired me. Inspired me to do better, to be an influence for good, and to simply keep doing what I'm doing.

My life will never be the same, and I'm glad. Thank you for making these past three years some of the best of my life. Thanks for making me feel like a rockstar, and for reading my books, and sharing them with your friends. Here's to another three years. Let's see where they go.

Oliver Dahl
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