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Thursday, March 8, 2012

#TCWT March 2012 Blog Chain

Hello, and welcome to The Dreamers Adventures. If you are looking for the #TCWT March Blog Chain, this is it. Sorry for the late posting. This is a blog for my first published novel, The Dreamers. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo 2010. For those who have no idea what this is... that means I wrote it in a month. : ) Later, I became a Top 50 Idaho Author, and published it in eBook format. The following interview, (the real part of the blog chain... and what you're probably looking for) is with Flitch. Flitch is a secondary "side-kick" character in the Dreamers. Sam Kullen himself is present as a secondary interviewer during this post. If you pay attention to this interview, it will give you a substantial amount of what will happen in The Nightmarers, (The sequel to The Dreamers.) Alright, here we go. Are you ready? We now introduce to you... Flitch!

Oliver: So, Flitch. These people are probably new to this blog... and the Dreamers. Would you like to tell them what you are?

Flitch: **

Oliver: Um... Flitch?

Flitch:—Oh, yeah, er... Sorry. I was just thinking about Chuck Norris. How awesome he is.

Oliver: Yeah. Right, he is pretty awesome, I guess. *Clears throat* So... would you like to tell these nice people what Dreamers are?

Flitch: Yes! That is, if we can trust them. Can we?

Sam: Oh, yes. I think so. They visited our blog, didn't they?

Flitch: Yeah... I guess you're right. Well, anyway, people Sam, Oliver, and I are Dreamers. Dreamers are pretty much people who can live inside of their dreams. Pretty cool, right? Almost as cool as Chuck Norris. Especially when we race bad guys, fight them in mazes, and blow stuff up. If you like explosions, you probably need to read the Dreamers. There's this really big one, and—

Oliver: Don't give it all away, Flitch! Sam and I need to make some sales! We won't sell any if you tell them everything!

Sam: Flitch, just listen. Seriously, dude, you're being annoying.

Flitch: Sorry. Hey, wanna hear a knock-knock joke?

Sam: No.

Oliver: Ugh. Sure. Get it out of you.

Flitch: *laughs triumphantly* Yes! So there, Sam!

Sam: *groans* Get on with it.

Flitch: Okay, fine, jeez! ...Knock knock.

Oliver: Who's there?

Flitch: Samson

Oliver: Samson who?

Flitch: Sam's a natural meanie.

Oliver: *facepalm* You came up with that just now, didn't you?

Flitch: Yeah! Isn't it great!?

Sam: Um... I think it leaves a little to be desired. Or maybe a lot.

Oliver: Okay, you guys. Calm down. Let's ask another question.

Sam: Okay, but it's my turn.

Oliver: That's fine. Shoot. —Just keep it nice!

Sam: Darn it. Oh well. So, Flitch, what were you before you were a Dreamer?

Flitch: I was an Army Ranger, actually.

Oliver: Wow? Really?

Flitch: Well... kind of. I’m sort of an... Ex-Army Ranger. I was "fired," so to speak.

Sam: No surprise there.

Flitch: Hey!

Oliver: That's enough you guys, really! I would say that I expect better from you, but... to be honest, I don't. *facepalm* Anyway.... How did you become a Dreamer, Flitch? What talents lead you to break the border of extreme creativity and become a Dreamer?

Flitch: Are you kidding me? I thought you would know this one! I think it's obvious!

Sam: Well, spit it out then! What is it? *Shakes head in disgust*

Flitch: My amazing jokes, of course! I can get to be so creative with those! Brian Regan would be jealous of my amazing one-liners. You saw how amazing my knock-knock jokes are!

Oliver: Um, right.

Sam: Hold on!

Oliver & Flitch: What?

Sam: Just a second. Why are we doing this?

Oliver: I signed us up for a blog chain this month. You know, for #TCWT?

Flitch: Why?

Sam: Yeah, why? What's so interesting about Flitch that the world has to know?

Flitch: Hey!

Oliver: Hey, Sam. Behave. This is going on the internet. Flitch is an important character, too, you know. You're not the center of the universe!
Sam: *Gasps sarcastically* What?! Are you kidding me!? Since when was that the case!? Seriously, though, Oliver. I’m kidding. But why are you asking him these questions?

Oliver: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, you know. You are the one who wrote us. Don't you know everything about us and more? We don't have any secrets! And if we do, you're the only other person that knows them!

Oliver: 0.o ...Okay... if that made any sense I would agree with you. But, well, er... I guess you're right. Why don't we ask these nice visitors to The Dreamers Adventures to ask Flitch questions? Flitch could answer them personally, and we could get purge anything else of your sarcastic "humor," Sam.

Sam: Hey! That's not what I meant!—

Oliver: But it's still a good idea! Alright everybody. Do YOU have a question you want to ask Flitch?

Sam: —Or me!

Oliver: Sure. Or Sam, I guess. Have any character questions? Comment on this post and THEY will answer your question! (And while you're at it, be sure to check out my blog. I've got a video of me playing piano, publishing The Dreamers, reading the intro, and of course, book trailers. [LINK] Pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the book is here. Have fun, but don't get into anything. Just look. : )

Dream on!
Oliver Dahl
Sam Kullen
(& Flitch)
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