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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"The Dreamers" FREE on Amazon Kindle!!

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've blogged over here. (Sorry about that/you're welcome, whichever ;))

If you read the title, and I'm assuming you have, or did just now, I hope you're as excited as I am!
This Thursday through Saturday, September 26-28, my first published novel, "The Dreamers" (Second Edition!) is going to be FREE to download on your Kindle, or Kindle reading app. Here's the rundown.

Between September 26-28, click RIGHT HERE and download "The Dreamers."

If you're new to my blog, or don't know anything about "The Dreamers," here's a Summary.

Sam is a Dreamer. This means that he can live inside of his dreams. In them, he must stop the evil Malfix from taking over not just the Dream Realm, but earth as well. Sam's adventures bring him through races, mazes, explosions, battles, and yes, the occasional cheesy knock-knock joke.

"The Dreamers" is Young Adult/Middle Grade Modern Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Action/ Adventure. It's got a little bit of everything. It's been enjoyed by people from the 3rd grade on up, and currently has a 4 Star Average rating on Amazon.com.

"The Dreamers" was originally written when I was 12 years old back in November of 2011 for NaNoWriMo. Since then, it has been edited time and time again, published, awarded, and enjoyed by hundreds of people. On September 19th, "The Dreamers" got a Second Edition.

This second edition resolves past spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors that slipped through and may have hindered the reading experience.

The existing reviews on the Amazon page for "The Dreamers" are for the First, Original Edition. Any and all points made about grammatical mistakes, formatting errors, etc. are null and corrected!! :D

So why am I giving it away for free?!
I want to get The Dreamers in as many hands as I can. Knowing that my book has been read/downloaded thousands of times is already mind blowing for me to think about. I want as many people to join Sam in his adventures as I can. I want to share what was formerly trapped in my head with other people! Plus, these downloads can hugely impact sales afterward, by showing up on pages' "Readers who bought this book, also bought..." Sections. This will help the entire series out by getting it some further Amazon promotion.

How can I help?
Why, thank you for asking! ;)

People don't realize how much of a difference a positive Amazon review can make. Five minutes of your time and some kind words not only mean a LOT to me, they can help influence other potential readers to give it a try. New reviews honestly make my day, and help inspire me to write more.

I want this going viral, folks! Getting onto Bestselling charts is one of the best and most profitable ways to promote the book. But... It's also one of the hardest. A simple tweet, Facebook post or share, YouTube video, blog post... ANYTHING can help a LOT! If any of those results in ONE more download, that's one more satisfied reader, potential review, potential sale of "The Nightmarers," or even an Amazon review! 

Add "The Dreamers" to your GoodReads. Share it with your friends, there! It's super easy if you already have an account, and your friends will appreciate a quality free read. (Same goes with Facebook, Twitter... All of those!)

If you enjoy "The Dreamers," be sure to grab a copy of "The Nightmarers," too! I think, and from what I've heard from the first readers, it is BETTER than The Dreamers! (Can you imagine?? I didn't think that was possible, seeing as The Dreamers is so good! ;)) Oftentimes, sequels can be a let-down after the original book. I was worried this was going to be the case, but as I typed "The End" and heard back from beta readers, I knew that The Nightmarers was a new step in a better direction. Full of more mind-bending dreamstuff, gunfights, prison breaks, new worlds, new people, and new villains, "The Nightmarers" is a whole new kind of epic.

Thank you for helping my dreams come true!!
Oliver Dahl
Sam Kullen
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