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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sneak Peek on The Nightmarers!

Today I finished writing The Nightmarers. Editing will take a while for sure, but for now... the writing process is complete! Since the story line may change, I won't go into any detail about it's story line, but I will tell you the basic idea. Sam rebuilds the Dreamers, and soon they have replenished the missing numbers. Soon, however, they discover another world... another Dream Realm. While exploring, Sam discovers that The Dreamers aren't alone... that there is another group like them. And the Dreamers they thought were lost in the battle with Malfix aren't as lost as they had once thought....

I am really excited about The Nightmarers, and I hope that you are, too! As a teaser, I just bought the cover image today. (It's pretty awesome if you ask me!)

What do you think? It looks pretty cool! I'm pretty excited for this to come out. I hope you guys are too!
Also, The Nightmarers trailer is complete. Enjoy this as well!

Dream On!
Oliver Dahl

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