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Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello, Dreamers of the world!

I apologize for not posting in a while, and not even posting consistently & regularyly. Now, for the holiday season, (already, can you believe it!?!) I will post once every two weeks. Every other week. And... hopefully consistently afterward at the beginning of the respective week. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, you, I.

In addition to the holiday season, it is NaNoWriMo again! For those who don't know... NaNoWriMo is the program in which I wrote The Dreamers... a program that challenges writers all over the nation and world to write a novel... in a month! This proved to be a LOT of fun last year, (Trust me, you have to have quite a bit of insanity in you for it to be fun... let alone to participate!) So... I am doing it again this year. My word count goal is quite a bit higher than last year, and I am giving myself more of a challenge. This Wednesday, November 16th, I will be signing books for a NaNoWriMo Midway Day party to help celebrate being halfway done with NaNoWriMo. (Though in my case, NOT my book! I still have a few tens of thousands of words to go...) This year, I am writing a book entitled, Beneathe. Yes. It is spelled funny on purpose. : )

This book takes place underneath the city of Paris, France. Under the Eiffel Tower, the sewers, the trains, the catacombs... there is an unknown world inhabited by strange creatures, in strange lands. Ian Grant gets thrown into this setting by a cereal box. He won a trip to Paris sponsored by the cereal box company, and soon finds himself deeper than anyone before into the mystery, danger, and horror of this world. He is enslaved, freed, challenged, and sent on quest after quest to save this world... and his life.

I am very exited about this book. (Thank you SO MUCH to Evan Lenn, who gave the original idea for this story to me. I hope to use it well!) This will definitely take a lot longer than a month to write. Maybe the first draft... but the final draft will take several months, if not years. There is so much that can happen in this book... It could be hundreds of pages long! (Over 500, at least!)

Thanks for reading! I hope you will look forward to future posts as much as I do!
Dream on!
Sam Kullen
Oliver Dahl

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