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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Authors and The Dreamers!

Can you spot The Dreamers?


One of my favorite things about being an author is meeting other authors. When you meet, you know that both of you have gone through the same challenges, struggles, and are both trying to do their best on future work. It's like knowing immediately that you share a special connection. It's somewhat magical.

Over the past year, I have been blessed to have experienced completely unexpected success. I can't wait for The Nightmarers to be out, and to hopefully double that success. :) Some of my favorite "successes" have been meeting with other authors. I think that you'll recognize (or have heard of) many of these authors! I met all of them personally in book signings that they held here in Boise, Idaho. All of them were super nice. I feel like most authors are like the nicest people you will ever meet.


I first gave a copy of The Dreamers to Richard Paul Evans. 17-time-consecutive NYT Bestseller, with 20 Total NYT bestsellers on his hands. He is becoming more and more known for his YA series, Michael Vey. These books have shot up to the top of my list of favorite books. I HIGHLY recommend them! I told him that my "electricity" is also writing, and handed him a copy of The Dreamers. He took it graciously, and I am very thankful for his kindness towards me. Mr. Evans is an awesome guy, and meeting him was a pleasure.

Just a few weeks or months later, one of my all time favorite authors, Brandon Mull, came into town. I had gone to his signings in Boise every time he was here. It is a tradition for our family to go every time he comes. I'm proud (and boastful!) to admit that I have the entire NYT Bestselling Fablehaven Series, Candy Shop War, and Beyonders series (as of late) autographed by Brandon! He is also a really nice guy. I recommend ALL of his books, as well! They are all masterfully written with beautiful imagery and stunning creativity & originality to them all. (With humor mixed in all throughout).

And, just today (1/26/13) I was able to give a copy of my book to successful author Obert Skye! (Famous for his awesome Leven Thumps Series). The first book in this series is still up in my top favorite books. I highly recommend this book, as well! It's magical and undeniably unique! I came to the signing just before he left, thanks to a heads up by Jacob Nordby. (The Indie author of The Divine Arsonist. He also has a copy of The Dreamers!) Thanks again, Jacob! When I got there, he was just about to pack up. I introduced myself as "Oliver" and he signed me a cool poster. I then told him that I, too, was an author, and was about to hand him a copy of my book when he said, "Wait... Oliver Dahl?!"

Me with author Brandon Mull

I nodded yes. Little did I know that the day before, he had visited my middle school and they had all recommended my book and myself to him. He took the copy of my book and told me he'd read it and get back to me. I'm excited to hear what he thinks! I can't thank my middle school enough for recommending my book to him. I'll brag about how I was recognized by a famous author forever. Thanks, Galileo!! You're the greatest! :D I can't wait to come back to you guys with a box (or 2!) of The Nightmarers! Be looking for me! :)


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I love connecting with other authors! It's great to get the encouragement and inspiration from others who have been in exactly the same place as you!

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