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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic: 100 Years

Tomorrow, April 15, marks the 100th anniversary of the tragic event that changed the world. Possibly one of the most well-known ships to ever sail the sea, The Titanic, or Unsinkable, proved its name wrong 100 years ago, tomorrow. Only 705 passengers survived the event...leaving another 1523 out of 2228 under the waves.

The world knows the Titanic hit an iceberg, which then sunk the ship. When discovered in 1985, it was found that the ship had split into two pieces. Even with this information known, the scientific community of this area in history still debates on how it actually sunk. While other ships probably communicated with others, including the Titanic, telling them that there were icebergs ahead, the Titanic, thought to be "unsinkable," plowed through. Thus began the most famous maritime disaster in history. For more info about the Titanic, click here, as everything that follows is purely fiction.

Above, it says, "the world knows." As Dreamers, we know that it wasn't an iceberg that sunk the Titanic. At least, not directly. At the time, the Dreamers were a small group, perhaps a dozen, not much more. Edmund Huntle, the so-called "founder" of the Dreamers was posting his findings in newspapers and magazines around the world, wherever someone was foolish enough to mistake it as a fiction piece. Those wise enough to mark it as truth and explore Edmund's "Dream Realm," became Dreamers. These men and women had enough creativity that they broke the psychological boundary that holds us back when we Dream. This gave them the ability to literally live inside of their dreams, as we do day-to-day. It also gave them the power to make whatever they dreamed become reality. Unfortunately for Edmund, and all of his fellow passengers on the Titanic, this was uncontrollable to the point where even nightmares could become reality. And so they did.

While searching the world for new Dreamers, Edmund boarded the Titanic as it left on April 10 to pick up passengers and mail in France. On April 11, the ship, with Edmund on it, left Queenstown, Ireland towards New York.

The night of April 14, three days into the voyage, a single man dreamed what would become a nightmare for everyone in the world. Edmund was haunted by the accounts and messages from other ships ahead of them, warning this enormous ship, and others near, of icebergs near their waters. His mind continued to worry, even as he fell asleep. This sparked the dream. A mere hour or so later, strange sounds echoed throughout the cabins. Passengers wearily awoke, worrying also, what the worst could be. Edmund, trapped in his dream, reminded unaware that the world around him was falling. And that he was falling with it.

The ship fell, and the scant number of lifeboats were filled. More than a thousand helpless passengers were left behind. One of these was Edmund, fitfully asleep until he fell beneath the waves, into oblivion.

Thankfully, these kind of things can be avoided nowadays, as Dreamers have developed rings that keep them anchored partway into consciousness as to allow them to control their dreams better, and use this ability to help the world, and inspire growth.

What would YOU dream if you had a Dreamer Ring?

Dream on!
Sam Kullen
Oliver Dahl

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