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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Writing Spaces

It's been a while since I posted! (Sorry about that...) the past few posts I tried to write were deleted when my application crashed. (I know, I know--excuses) So... I'm trying a new one. Anyway, let's get started, shall we?

A lot of writers have been posting pictures of the writing space. I thought that sounded like a good idea, and so here we are. Let's get to it!

Here is my bookshelf! The top 3 left shelves and top 2 right shelves are mine, while the bottom left 4 shelves' books belong to my mom. I love books, and I've read just about all of the ones on my shelves. Those few books that I haven't, plus my truckload's worth of books I still need to read on my eReader add up to become quite the reading list! I'll have to write a post about my favorite books, but for now you'll have to just squint at titles. (Sorry)

The bottom 3 right shelves hold the majority of my childhood LEGO collection. I don't really play with them much anymore, but I had a lot of fun with them when I was younger. They really helped make me more creative.

 The trophies on top of and the medals to the side of my bookshelves are largely from piano, chess, debate/speech, and First Lego League.

My second (or rather, third) bookshelf consists mostly of National Geographics and personal writing/drawing notebooks. I love National Geographics! So far, I've got a few issues scattered throughout 2011-2013, with 2007-2010 complete years. I would love to have an entire large bookshelf full of them. Someday...
The water bottles are a quirk of mine. I have them filled so that if I'm in an "on-a-roll" writing mood, I don't have to leave to get a glass of water, I can just keep writing. The fewer distractions, the better for me.


This picture is from directly on top of the previous bookshelf I talked about. It has interesting trinkets, rocks, furs, "potions", and just fun little things to get my mind in an imaginative mood. That shoebox? Full of printed papers form The Dreamers and The Nightmarers only that have been edited. Yes, that's right. The entire box is full of papers with edits. All of those edits in that shoebox went to making The Dreamers Series what it is today.

I also have some of my artwork and awards hanging on the wall above all that. All but the map (made for the first book I wrote that is currently in need of being rewritten) have been burned into wood by a magnifying glass. It's slow, hot work but the results are evidence enough that the work is worth it! The mushrooms on that board are also from my first written book, The Stone Chronicles. I love the series so much that I don't want to release it yet. It's OK right now, but it needs a lot of work. My writing abilities have grown SO much since I wrote it, that I can hardly stand reading it. But the ideas and settings in it are amazing! I can't wait to eventually have it out for you guys.

And, by now, you've probably noticed the sword. It's one of 2 fantasy swords I have. Super nerdy, but also REALLY awesome, haha.

The two awards up on my wall are the ones I'm the most proud of. "Top 50 Idaho Author" and the Idaho Student of the Year award.

And my cork boad! I don't use it too often, and it isn't very full, is it? I've got a writing comic that was in the newspaper a while ago, as well as an article about a book signing I did in Boise. Also figured is a signature on the back of an old receipt. I was able to attend a Jon Schmidt concert where I was able to get his signature. His songs are super fun to play. Jon is now more well known with Steven Sharp Nelson as The Piano Guys. The slip of paper reads:
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.
Try and figure that out. :)

And the desk itself! This is the very desk that I used to write "The Dreamers" and "The Nightmarers." I've also got a beautiful dictionary/thesaurus set I got from my grandmother on my birthday.

My computer is not connected to the Internet. Because I use it to write and do quick research, (on National Geographic and Britannica programs) I don't have it connected to the Internet. It helps keep me on track on and not distracted. (Though, with an iPad that can be a challenge!)

I've also got several important papers on my desk, above all my writing utensils. Number one being my Eagle Scout Project proposal right now. I'm planning on doing a Book Drive to help combat illiteracy in the United States. I'm hoping to be able to donate several dozen copies of The Dreamers to help out.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Now that you've "been over to my place" I hope you can kinda get a better idea of who I am in real life. I'm not just some guy who you hear from every once in a while. I'm not just an online presence. I try to be a funny, nerdy guy. (I have to try a lot less to be nerdy, believe me).

You'll have to "come over" again sometime soon! :)

Dream on!
Oliver Dahl

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