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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Dreamers Series Photoshoot

This is a post basically expressing the love I have for my books. My love of their beautiful covers, and their self-proclaimed amazing stories. :) 

The title explains it all. Over the times that I've had The Dreamers & The Nightmarers out, I have loved taking pictures of them. Instead of being the typical hipster-instagrammer taking pictures of my food, I take pictures of my books! I haven't really shared many of them. ...until now!

And there ya have it! Just a few of the pictures I've taken over time of the not only beautiful, but "entertaining" and "incredible" books as well. Find a place to grab a copy over here.

Kind of a shorter post than usual, I know. I hope to make up for it this summer. I'll have some exciting news by this time (or earlier!) next month! I've also got a few upcoming posts, including one on Lucid Dreaming, my favorite books, my inspiration, book cover progress, and more!

Dream on!

Oliver Dahl

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