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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Dreamers' Second Anniversary and Second Edition Announcement

The Dreamers celebrated its second anniversary yesterday! August 9th, 2013 marks two years since its publication. These two years have been the best of my life. (They've also made up over 13% of my 15 years!) 

So much has happened since I published The Dreamers. I became one of Idaho's 2011 Top 50 Idaho Authors. The Dreamers helped me gain the title of 2012's Idaho Student of the Year. I've met and given copies of my books to some of my favorite bestselling authors, including Brandon Mull, Richard Paul Evans, and Obert Skye. The Dreamers has spent time in the top percentage of books on Amazon.com, ranking above some of my favorite books that inspired me to write at times. (The Pendragon Series by DJ Machale). Hundreds of copies have been sold at book signings alone, and I have been blessed to meet such amazing people at these events. So many incredible individuals have helped support me in so many different ways. These people have become my friends--both online and in real life. :) 

In the span of this time, so many people have joined Sam in his adventures in the Dream Realm. These people turned the pages alongside Flitch and Thep, imagining new places that had originally been pictures confined to my head. It is truly inspiring to me that what I have written lights up each reader's head with their own version of what is on the page. 

Two years. 730 days of The Dreamers being available worldwide. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. Thank you to all of you awesome people who have purchased, read, and reviewed the book. A simple "Thank You" really doesn't capture the magnitude of my thankfulness. 

Today, I am also very pleased to officially make the following announcement. The Dreamers is going to have a second edition. 

The biggest complaint about the book mentioned by reviewers has been the lack of copy editing done in the book. Several grammatical and typographical errors occur in the book. This same complaint is mirrored in all too many reviews of self-published works. 

As a self-published author, I strive to give self-publishing the good name it deserves. Too often, people abuse how awesome self-publishing can be, and publish poor quality material. I aim to publish and release only the highest quality books for my readers. 

This second edition of "The Dreamers" will be completely free of errors, typos, and mistakes in an effort to provide the best for my readers. It will also be more properly formatted to look even more beautiful on the page and eReader than ever before.

No release date has been finalized, but expect it within the next month or so. As soon as a release date is finalized, it will be added to this post. 

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