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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello! Welcome!

Okay. You've probably read or seen my book somewhere. (The Dreamers) Chances are you know what I'm talking about. But for you guys who have NO CLUE as to what the Dreamers are, this is for you. And realize that I'm taking a HUGE risk sharing this with you guys--you've got to keep quiet. I don't want to have my brain tested on... :)

Of course, I probably better welcome you to this blog. Here I can tell you when my most recent Dreamers books are coming out, what I mean by "Great Wall of the Ice Caves," excerpts, along with lots more. Without further ado, here goes:

All right. I am a Dreamer. A Dreamer is someone with an imagination so large it breaks the boundary between reality and the Dream Realm. This Dream Realm has been visited by many since perhaps the dawn of time--we don't really know!

However, a man by the name of Edmund Huntle started our group when he saw the true potential the Dream Realm had in the early 1900's. Several decades later, the Dreamers were flourishing and saving the world. But then... Malfix. Malfix came along and wanted to use the power the Dreamers used to save the world to pamper himself, because he was a nobody. So, we had a big war, and an apocalyptic ending. (If you want to know more, my introduction and prologue are just what you need!)

Hey, if you haven't read the book, I'm not gonna tell you more. If you have read it, then you know what happened. Then again, if you have read the book, you already know the stuff, and probably didn't need to click on this in the first place....

Sorry--just my imagination at work.

So... I don't want to give anything away yet about book two. But I will tell you what's going on right now in the Dream Realm.

The Dreamers is rebuilding. Now, there are no adults--it's all kids now; kids with HUGE imaginations. I'm teaching them up, and we are slowly coming back to what the Dreamers used to be. It's been slow, like I said, but steady. Then, one day we are surprised. We realize that not EVERYBODY is dead...

Ha! Now you want to read book two! But... that isn't even the end. The Dreamers and I realized that the Dream Realm isn't the only realm. There are others, and with them... the Nightmarers. We just discovered this fact last night... and I have been asleep, dreaming, most of today. I woke up and realized I'd better share it, just in case I don't survive long enough to actually publish book two....

That would stink...

So... I'm kind of nervous, knowing we're not alone. If I don't post any more, well... you'll know what happened to me.

However, hopefully that won't be the case, and you'll hear more from me! But as for now, I must say: try to become a Dreamer! Enhance your imagination. Draw pictures, write stories, imagine what the Dream Realm is like, read, play music, design a building,  do whatever you do best! We really need your help!

Plus: if you have any questions just drop a comment below and I'll try to answer it! Or, you can email me at oliverdbooks@hotmail.com.

Dream on!
Sam Kullen

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