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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me and YOUR experiences

Hello Dreamers of the world! I've got a bit to talk about.

First though, welcome! Are you liking this blog? I hope so! Anyway... I think its important that you know a little about me.

Let's get to the point. If I eventually end up in history books, this is what they can include in it. Otherwise, I don't think there's much information out there about me.

So... I am 13 and in the seventh grade. I'm really your average kid (When I'm awake that is!) I go to school, dislike it, along with homework, and all the other work we do there. I have a younger sister, an over-concerned mother, a camping-savvy father, and your stereotypical rogue best friend. (His name's Gabe and both his parents are cops. He could be considered a juvenile delinquent, I guess.) I'm the leader of the Dreamers, the head honcho, and am doing my best to teach the next generation of Dreamers. I'm hoping that this blog will help do that. What else...? Oh! Nowadays, I'm fighting on a different Dream Realm of sorts, against a cult similar to ours, but with bad intentions, called the Nightmarers.

Reading back, I realize I'm talking about school and my family, and then all of the sudden about my secret life as if it were just as normal! That's life as a Dreamer I guess. Some of you guys know what I mean--you've been to the Dream Realm. Why don't you share your experiences? Together we can tell future Dreamers what it's like! So... yeah!

Answer these questions in your comments:

What's it like in the Dream Realm?
What's your favorite territory there?
If you had to cross one territory, which would you NOT choose?
Is the Dream Realm similar to Earth? Why?
Is the Dream Realm awesome or... not so much?
Would you go to the Dream Realm for vacation?

All right--thanks guys!

Dream on!
Sam Kullen

1 comment:

Sam Kullen said...

Here's MY opinion guys!

The Dream Realm is a really amazing place. There's really no comparison.

MY favorite territory is probably Paradisa, because its different for every person. For some its a lake in the mountains, and others beaches and palm trees.

You know, the Dream Realm really isn't quite the same as earth, its more perfect, I think.

Are you kidding? The Dream Realm is awesome!

I don't really think I can answer this one. I go there every night. If I didn't have to worry about saving the world while I was there--TOTALLY!

So... what about you guys?

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